Frequently Asked Questions on eTCC

It is the Electronic Tax Clearance Certificate, an evidence that adequate tax has been paid on verifiable income of the taxpayer as at the time the clearance was requested. It is always issued to cover three years previous to the year of application.

72 hours after payment and proper filing of all required documents.

No. eTCC is issued only to individuals who have fulfilled the requirement of the Personal Income Tax Act.

Tax payment evidences are; (a). You can obtain an Electronic Tax Clearance Certificate issued by OGIRS
(b). Receipt of payment issued by OGIRS

All payment should be made as(cash and cheques) must be paid directly to any of the designated banks, while you can obtain your tax receipt through the same bank.

Every taxpayer is entitled to a single eTCC which will be renewed annually.

(a.) Request by application Tax Clearance Certificate the Assessment Authority covering your area with receipts of your payments for three years prior to the request year;
(b.) The Assessment Authority will peruse the document and ask questions where necessary;
(c.) If the Assessment Authority is satisfied he/she will request for Tax Clearance Certificate to be issued in your favour.
(d.) You will collect that Tax Clearance Certificate from the Assessment Authority who will inform you as soon as it is ready for collection.

(a.) Collect a letter of from your employer stating your incomes for each of three years preceding the year of application, and tax remitted on the incomes.
(b.) Submit a written application for Tax Clearance Certificate to the Assessment Authority covering the location of your employer.
(c.) The Assessment Authority will confirm the payments and evaluate the adequacy of the deductions in relation to the income declared.
(d.) If satisfied, the Assessment Authority will request for a Tax Clearance Certificate to be issued in your favour.
(e.) You will be informed when the Tax Clearance Certificate is ready for collection.

(a). You must pay # 2,500.00 to OGIRS dedicated A/c a Bank branch nearest to you.
(b.) Apply for a re-issuance of the lost e-TCC to the OGIRS enclosing sworn affidavit and police report.

There is no need to pay any amount of money as processing fee before obtaining your Electronic Tax Clearance Certificate. It is free.


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