Frequently Asked Questions on WHT

It is a payment of tax on account to be applied as tax credit against the income tax liability of the year to which the income that suffered the deduction relates. It is deductible at the point of payment or when credit is taken whichever comes earlier for the specified activity.

Sections 60, 61 62 of Companies Income Tax Act and Sections 69 to 72 of Personal Income Tax Act 1993 and Gazette Extraordinary No 74 Vol. 84 Part B of 12th August, 1997.

Individuals who are either in employment or are running their own businesses under a business name or partnership and communities, families and any trustee or executor under any settlement, trust or estate deemed to be resident in the State at a particular year.

(a.) corporate Body or unincorporated;
(b.) Government Ministries, Departments or Agencies, Local Governments;
(c.) Statutory bodies, Public Authorities, Institutions and Organizations.

Yes. (SBIR) collect Withholding tax of Individuals and unincorporated bodies in their various states of residence

Yes. (FIRS) collect Withholding taxes of Limited and Public Liability Companies all over the country

Tax withheld shall be remitted within 30 days or the date the duty to deduct arises whichever is earlier.

The following deductions are exempted from WHT Taxes.

(a.) Where a manufacturer buys raw materials from a supplier of those products which the manufacturer uses in his production line;
(b.) Where the manufacturer delivers its normal line of products to its distributors and agents for sale.

(a.) Failure to deduct Withholding Taxes attracts a fine of 200% of the tax not withheld;
(b.) Failure to remit withheld tax within the stipulated time attracts a fine of 200% of the tax withheld but not remitted.

See table of Applicable Rates below:

Transaction type  Tax rate for companies  Tax rate for individuals
All aspects of building construction and related activities 5% 5%
All types of contracts other than sale and purchase of goods 5% 5%
Consultancy services 10% 5%
Management services 10% 5%
Technical Services 10% 5%
Commissions 10% 5%
Rent (including equipment hire) 10% 10%
Royalties, Director’s fees 10% 10%


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